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Everything You Should Know About Kitchen Linen Towels

The cookware and the utensils are not the only essentials in the kitchen. Have you ever considered the importance of a kitchen towel in performing daily kitchen chores?   Whether you have to take out the hot baking dish from the kitchen or you need to wipe down the kitchen counter, the kitchen towel is a mandatory object that you are going to need.  
  • It is super absorbent, making it easier to keep the countertop moisture-free
  • Cleaning is easy as the towels are machine washable.
  • Durable product.
  • Saves money as these are not use-and-throw products.
But the use of ghee, oil, and masala in Indian kitchens makes it all the more essential to find the best kitchen linen towels manufacturer for buying the products.

Kitchen towels: What are these?

The kitchen towels are just a form of towels that you use in the kitchen. The size is smaller than the bath towels. These are handy and versatile tools for managing the kitchen.

Types of kitchen towels

There are different types of kitchen towels available in the market. Why don’t you learn about the most common ones?

1. Chef towel

A top-notch kitchen towel is an absolute necessity for a professional chef. For a chef, it’s almost impossible to waste time looking for a pot holder or a boiler glove to hold hot objects. 


Chef kitchen towels can help with the job. These will have very good quality with higher absorbing quality. The towels can also help with cleaning the cutting board or the knife.

2. Dishcloth towels

If drying up the wet dishes is the chief purpose of using the kitchen towel, then it’s a good idea to search particularly for dishcloth purposes. 


Whether you accidentally spilled some tomato sauce on the countertop or you want to dry wet dishes, these clothes from the top manufacturers will help you in maintaining clean utensils in the kitchen.

3. Terry tea towels

Tea towels are another popular choice for homeowners.  
  • You can use these to serve the muffin or scones.
  • Again, you can use these to clean the cutlery as well.
  • It is also in use as a décor with the breakfast and tea tables.
It’s a good idea to buy the towel from a premium kitchen linen towels supplier as the quality will matter in this part.

4. Kitchen hand towels

With the need to wash your hands a hundred times while working in the kitchen, you need a soft and absorbent hand towel to dry up your hands in seconds. These towels will be softer on the skin in comparison to standard kitchen towels.

Factors to consider

When you are planning to buy a new set of kitchen towels, it’s imperative to know the right things to look for. So, here are the factors that you need to check before investing in kitchen towels.

Factor #1: Size of the towel

The size of the kitchen towel is the first thing to consider while assessing the options. The appropriate towel should be at least as big as you can fold the same for multiple uses. 


Go for the larger towels that have more surface area to absorb more spills and heat,

Factor #2: The material

Cotton is the ideal fabric for a kitchen towel.  
  • These are good for drying and cleaning all the materials.
  • Moreover, these will be lint-free.
  • Higher absorbency is the speciality of good quality materials.
After all, you have to soak up all the messes of the kitchen with this piece of towel. Thus, the soft but thick and well-hemmed towel should be yoru primary preference.

Factor #3: Density

The reputed kitchen linen towel exporters always make denser and thicker kitchen towels. It is because these will last longer and absorb more spills than their thinner counterparts.

Factor #4: Colour

Kitchen towels will always get dirty. So, choosing light-coloured towels is not a good idea., especially if you put turmeric and oil in maximum dishes. But do buy the monochrome colours for the best aesthetic.

A stylish addition

Kitchen towels have become stylish pieces of kitchen accessories. So, you need to know about the tips to buy the best towel if you want to avoid investing in poor-quality materials.

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