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The Guide To Choosing the right and suitable Table Linen

Residential and commercial property owners can never deny the importance of table linens. In fact, the linen enhances the dining experience altogether. The linen will set the right tone for the space and can even influence how you taste the food. 


The right selection of decorative tablecloths will always play a significant role in conveying the level of service and theme of the establishment. The table linens include all the related fabric items like placemats, table runners, table napkins, and tablecloths.

What to consider while buying table linen?

The table covers represent the perfect portrait of the person or party hosting or arranging the dinner. As the options are endless, you need to understand all the factors that jointly contribute to the choice of tablecloth. 

Types of kitchen towels

There are different types of kitchen towels available in the market. Why don’t you learn about the most common ones?

Step #1: Identify the table size

By now, you must have perceived that the size of the linen cover will matter the most when buying the table cover. So before visiting the shop or searching online, you should get the accurate dimensions of the table. 


It will help you to figure out the ideal size of decorative table linens that you can use for the table setting. The length and width are the two critical aspects of measurements. 


You should also measure a few accompanying factors including


  • Width of the tabletop
  • Length of your tabletop
  • Height of the tabletop from the floor. 

These will remain the important parameters while measuring the table size for buying the linen cover.

Step #2: Concentrate on quality

The key to a beautiful and functional table setting is a good-quality table cover. As the table linens need to survive spills, frequent washes, and persistent stains, you have to go for premium quality linen.


  • The top-quality linens will be an ideal investment as they won’t fall apart on the second wash.
  • The piece of cloth will be setting the mood of the people sitting down for their food. Naturally, it is vital to focus on the quality of the material.

Thus look for the top and reputed table napkins manufacturer for buying these covers. 

Step #3: Determine the nature of the cover

Would you like the tablecover to drop down right to the floor to maintain a draping appearance? If so, what will be the drop height? Would you like some lesser drop? Will 15” be good? 


Answering all these questions is necessary if you are really serious about buying the right tablecloth. You need to decide to what extent will the table cover hang to create the ideal aesthetic. 


If you plan to have people seated at the table, the perfect drop should be 12” to 15” for the maximum level of comfort.

Step #4: decide the colour

With a plethora of options available nowadays, it can be a really challenging factor to decide on the design and colour of the tablecloth.


The best solution is to consider the entire room décor. Choosing something that doesn’t go with the vibe of the space is not a good idea. 


For instance, if you have wooden flooring with wooden wall cladding, then stick to elegant monochromes for the table linen. Or oy can directly go for the milk white colour. 


But remember, the linen will have to withstand many spills and stains. Thus, choosing a darker shade will be the smarter solution. If you are planning to buy table cloth for long-term use, you should ideally pick neutral colours.


These include ivory, white, beige, dark, dark brown, and taupe colours. The consistent table napkins supplier will be able to show you many varieties in the monochromes. 

Step #5: Number of linens necessary

So how many table linens are you going to need? If you own a hotel, you should always keep a few extra linens and napkins. But for the residential spaces, you should keep one set at least as a replacement as you need to wash the linen.

Follow the guidelines

The top table napkins exporter will be able to provide you with valuable suggestions about the selection of the appropriate linen. It will enhance the table setting. 

You need to follow the above guidelines if you want to add to the aesthetic of the dining space.

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